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Aleppo Ashory Green Pistachio (Fresh - None Refundable) 250g


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Product information "Aleppo Ashory Green Pistachio (Fresh - None Refundable) 250g"

The pistachio tree is native to Syria. In Arabic we call it Aleppo pistachio. It has a rich history which goes back to thousands of years.

Pliny the Elder wrote in his Natural History that Pistacia was unique to Syria and was introduced to Italy in 35 AD by Lucius Vitellius the Elder, the Roman Proconsul in Syria.

The home of the pistachio tree is the Ain al-Tineh region in Syria. The pistachio tree has been known since ancient times, and its origin goes back to the butam tree, which is found in the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Many references indicate that this genus was known in Syria since 3500 BC, in Syria specifically in this region, and the name of the pistachio Aleppo is in relation to Aleppo as a region famous for cultivating this tree since ancient times. Therefore, if the city of Aleppo is mentioned, it is associated with it.

The town of Morek is the center of pistachio cultivation. It has become the largest producer of pistachios in Syria, and the town lies south of Maarat al-Nu'man and north of Hama by about thirty kilometers, and its population is 17,000 people and its land area is about 68 thousand dunums planted entirely with pistachio trees. Therefore it is considered the first village Of the villages of the world countries that specialize in cultivating the entire area with one agricultural type, the pistachio tree, and the number of pistachio trees in the village of Morek is about 800 thousand trees, including about 750 thousand productive and productive trees, and the village’s production for the year 2006 is estimated to be more than 40 thousand tons. Continuously growing.